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Platform File/Description Size
Windows jawMD2 v1.31 31 K
Windows OpenGL Drivers 500 K
All Quake Guy MD2 File 269 K


Windows95/NT Installation Instructions

jawMD2 only requires that you have Microsoft's opengl32.dll and glu32.dll installed on your system. These files come with Windows95/NT by default. You do NOT need an OpenGL card or any other 3d acceleration card to run jawMD2.


Windows Screenshots

Shot 1, Shot 2

GIF Animation


jawMD2 is a utility for viewing Quake2's 3D model files in the '.MD2' format. It is a handy utility for Quake2 model and skin texture artists, who would like to get a high-quality preview of their models and skins in action.
jawMD2 is currently available for Windows95/NT and for X Windows under Linux.


# Full frame animation support
# Full 3D mouse control: translation, rotation, zooming
# Skin Texturemapping
# Different rendering modes: wireframe, smooth shaded, texture mapped
# High Quality options: texture mapping perspective correction, antialiased lines
# Selectable background, wire frame, and smooth shade color

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